Elephant spiritual Meaning and Symbols

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The Elephant is the indicator of wisdom and majesty.  It also represents intelligence, longevity, and the link with your ancestral memory. The Elephant spiritual Meaning is to motivate and help you live a balanced life. They also encourage you to connect with your wisdom.

The elephant is often connected to power, inspiration, perseverance, and strength. They are known for their excellent memory and also can pass on ancestral wisdom. This animal has incredible physical strength.

Strength and power are two great Emblems of the Elephant: The Strength of the Elephant is legendary, and it’s associated throughout the centuries, mythology, and history. Till today Elephants are associated with power, which makes them an ideal spirit animal for you to regain control of your lives. 

Elephant totem make aware of your power as this animal symbolizes strength. When you expect an Elephant as your spirit animal it shows that you can achieve whatever you want with your willpower.  It teaches you to distinguish your inner strength and use it in the best possible way for your benefit. Having an Elephant as your spirit animal makes you feel more secure and sends a message to be more confident and Serene. It also helps you to recognize and control your abilities. 

It helps to gain self-confidence, share your thoughts, and speak your mind confidently. They help to strengthen your personality. It teaches how to tackle your problems with courage and determination.

Another important character of the Elephant is Stability: It also symbolizes immutability and stability as it has a deep connection with the earth, it also helps you to overcome external pressure and face challenges of change. It also gives strength to face the roadblock that comes your way. Elephant spirit guide gives you support in staying balanced and stable which helps you to move forward with confidence and perseverance.

The Elephant mantra, sweetness, and love: Some of the qualities of the Elephant spirit animal are compassion, sensitivity, tolerance, and kindness. They act as a friend who will guide you through difficult moments in your life. Elephants are very closely attached to their babies and can do anything or use their all power to protect them. Elephants are an animal that is very loyal to their family and protect them in all circumstances. This shows their affection and love for the people who are important in your life, which means that help your loved one when they are in need or going through difficult times in their life.

If your spirit animal is an Elephant, it shows that it gives the support you need to fit into a team or community. It teaches us to value our family, or community and also be the source of support for our family, friends, or even our work team in their hard times.

As an elephant has motherly love and compassion, you too will be there for those who need you in their difficult times. Even it will help to achieve your own goals with love and energy.

They also teach you the importance of family and spending time with them which supports you in strengthening the bonds between friends and family.

Longevity is the meaning of the spirit animal Elephant: It signifies wisdom and majesty, intelligence, longevity, and connection with your ancestral memory. It asks you to get connected with your wisdom. Elephant spirit animal inspires you to live a balanced life. 

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Elephant encourages you to follow the beast’s path while staying true to yourself. It reminds us about the benefits of the wisdom that you have accumulated throughout your life which guide you for the new adventures that lie ahead in your life.

The nature of the elephant is gentle and sensitive; it gives us an important message that you should pay attention to your near and dear ones. Elephant spirit animals also have qualities like excellent memory, solidarity, determination, dignity, and sociability.

The Elephant and Inner Peace: The elephant spirit animal has profound serenity despite its size and enormous strength. They also help you to find inner peace, distance yourself from worries and everyday stress of life, and live in the present moment 

Elephant asks you to take some time from your daily chores and enjoy the beauty of  life, the calm and silent moments. IT also inspires you the stay positive while facing challenges and stick to truth and integrity. Elephant spirit animal reminds you that peace comes within and that by looking within yourself.

5 Elephant spiritual Meaning

Elephant spiritual Meaning

Elevated Consciousness:  Elephant owns a rare combination of deep intelligence and compassion on a spiritual level. They symbolize the idea of inspiring your level of consciousness to be spiritual. The elephant reminds us to look positive in everything around us. They are also known as the symbol of Buddha.

Love and Compassion:  The spiritual qualities of elephant love and devotion are combined with their embodied and gentle nature. It also teaches us about empathy, compassion, and unconditional love for others.

Universal Wisdom: It is believed that we all can hit into all of the wisdom in the universe, which is higher on the consciousness level or universal wisdom. An elephant`s memory is very powerful and has deep intelligence which represents our capacity to tap into metaphysical awareness.

Elephant Totem Animal: The elephant totem animal gives you a message that is your task to honor, defend, and protect that part that is connected to your divine. As the elephant is considered as the mighty beast is the king of the animals, similarly you can call this inner part of your Queen or King. Meditation is the best way to access the elephant`s power. 

This will arouse your elephant`s qualities like wisdom, kindness, loyalty, and intelligence. Your connection is higher when the elephant spirit animal and can also connect with your spirit guide and angels. Elephant teaches you to be loving and gentle towards others.

Elephant totem animal signifies prosperity, luck, removal of obstacles, wisdom, and good omens. Elephant teaches you to build strong ties and are the backbone of your family, so protect them and love them.

Elephant as Power animal: Elephant as a power animal promotes patience, compassion and kindness, strength, loyalty, and perseverance.

Name Ganesha- the Hindu god`s name derived from Sanskrit Gana-isha which means lord of a multitude in the sense of the heavenly host for the poor, needy, and lost.

Buddha`s mom had a dream of a white elephant which was the sign of the birth of Buddha. So, if an elephant appears in your dream, then the elephant is your power animal.

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Consider the elephant as your friend or a guide who tries to help you in numerous forms. If you need help over a chasm, you can call upon the elephant as a power animal that you help you overcome all your difficulties.

It’s very beneficial to worship the elephant and do meditation by saying his name twice a day. During meditation ask the elephant to accompany you on all your journey when you take leave from meditation. Elephant power animal wants you to keep faith in him so that you can rise over everything. So be playful and happy.  Always seek his blessing whenever you start new projects.

Elephant encounters and omens: An elephant omen was mostly talked about during wars by the king to know or get an idea about the outcome of the war. Today you can see elephants only when you visit a national park or zoo. Crying or an elephant with unsteady legs symbolizes bad omen, which indicates bad luck or death. If an elephant is passing blood through the face, vomit or urine means that the king will die soon. Indians believe that if you dream of a dead elephant indicates that the chief will die soon. It is also believed that if you see an elephant neighing then it’s good luck and you will win the war.

If you find an elephant running without any reason it shows something bad is going to happen in the future. Mostly elephant tusk is chopped for ivory while seeing tusk if the owner sees a gleaming surface with a good smell, then it’s considered good luck but a broken or cracked tusk brings a bad omen.

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Some of the interpretations of the dream of elephant

Dream of Baby Elephant: IT indicates intellect, blooming power, and strength with playful nature. It may also happen that your problem may grow. The issues may look small but if you don’t handle them properly then it may cause a hard time in the future.

Dream of White Elephant: The white elephant is admired as a symbol of evolution and enlightenment in Buddhism. So seeing a white elephant in your dream means that you will receive answers to all your spiritual questions. The dream also signifies that you will also receive property and financial assets.

Dream of Black Elephant: It indicates changes in your life. You may face difficulty before you achieve your goal. This dream also recommends that you become prosperous in your efforts.

Dream of Elephant in Water: Seeing a dream of an elephant in water means you will gain abundance.  You may start enjoying financial stability, joy, and love. This dream also signifies your foresight in how you will deal with tricky situations.

Dream of Elephant Attack: Dreaming of you being attacked by animals indicates that a higher position of yours will cause harm to you. Therefore, be very careful of you about your surroundings. So try to avoid undesirable situations from your seniors in any circumstances. 

Dream of Elephant Chasing You: It indicates about your flexibility in achieving your goal. It is also believed that some people may be creating obstacles between you and your success. So the sooner you get disconnected by these people the sooner you will achieve the goal. 

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Dream of flying Elephant: Many times, it happens that you have some plan for your life but due to some fear, you may take a backseat. so, if a flying elephant comes into your dream means that you are encouraged to believe in yourself trust your capabilities, and gather the courage to achieve your plan and vision.

Dream of Dead Elephant: This signifies that you have to prepare yourself for change. It’s time to leave behind your past life and hug the new life. A new beginning is always considered an opportunity for both personal and professional growth and development. 

It can also indicate or serve as a warning to avoid entering into new deals or agreements with those who are influential individuals.

Dream of Elephant Trunk: Dreaming of an elephant trunk signifies wealth.  So, if you dream about getting hit or being touched by a trunk means that you will achieve financial success very soon. If you dream about an elephant lifting you with its trunk then you will enjoy victory or achievement.

Dream of Elephant Stampede: This dream indicates that you are taking your work at a slow pace or you often go against the tide. However, actions taken by other people’s action generally cause you damage.  But if you see some being killed by a stampede then it means someone is not happy with your success.

Is it Good to see Elephant in Dream?

Mostly it is believed that seeing an elephant in a dream is considered a good sign.  If you see these animals in your dream means it passes an important message about challenges that you might face soon.

Meanwhile, it’s a sign of prosperity and good luck,  they also appear in your dream to encourage you to achieve your future goal which gives you the strength and wisdom needed to achieve success.

Like any other dream, even a dream of an elephant also has some negative effects, particularly, if you see a killing elephant. It shows your destructive side, which can lead to your downfall. It is also a sign of self-destruction for your life and greed, which means that you are full of negative energy and you can only get rid of it to learn how to clear the bad energy.


Despite being huge and powerful, elephants can be sensitive, caring, emotional, and laid back. It is a good sign when you dream about them, which means a lot of things. Such dreams symbolize overcoming life challenges, new beginnings, abundance, prosperity, intelligence, strength, and courage.

But never think that these dreams do not have a negative impact, they may warn you about big trouble which can harm you. So, it depends on you how to interpret elephant in dreams, and your relationship with this animal.