Burning Red Candles Meaning and Symbol..! 

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Red candles are normally used in spiritual activities with the intent to induce lust, promote sexuality, evoke passion, and generate power. Candles of this colour can also signify courage, beauty, or danger and are effective at attracting wealth and prosperity. In this article let’s learn more about the burning red candles meaning.

Love is very important, in fact, vital for human survival. 

Red candles are among the most powerful of candles, and they can be utilized when you want to raise energy, power, and passion. Though, due to their strength, they shouldn’t be used lightly, and you should be alert of what you are doing before you burn them.

For these reasons, considering what red candles symbol and when to light them is of importance. 

Because of their vivacious 

colors, red candles are generally used when a person needs to boost his mood or brighten up the atmosphere. The component of fire has a strong connection with red candles.

Therefore, they are also related to energy, strength, power, fertility, wealth, and attractiveness. When required, these candles can be utilized to trigger or influence feelings of anger, desire, or passion. 

What Do Red Candles Symbolize?

burning red candle

Red candles have several meanings, but energy and passion are more renowned. Red candles project a drive that easily releases powerful energy when used in attractions and other spiritual activities.

This powerful consequence also exists in the emotions that these candles represent, such as anger, lust, aggression, bravery, and determination.

The unstable and vibrant fire components provide red candles with their energy. Bang into this energy when you light up a red candle and utilize it properly. The root chakra is also red, which denotes those candles of the same shade are most helpful in clearing this chakra. Therefore, red candles empower your life force energy to flow freely throughout the body.

Spiritual Uses of Red Candles

There are several uses of red candles, both positive and negative, depending on your intentions

 To Attract Power and Vitality

The shade of red is an exciting and dynamic colour. Red candles convey a magnetic and vibrant power that can fire up your blood, making you feel more potent and braver than you usually would. When you are feeling weakness or lethargy, light up a red candle right away and let the bubbling vitality wash over your body.

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 To Fire Up Your Intimacy

Give your love life a shot of a passionate spark through the use of red candles. They act as aphrodisiacs that can activate lust and desire, especially between lovers. Burning red candle will also surge your life force and stimulate fertility.

To Inspire Wealth or Promotion

If you are seeking for financial aid, longing for success on your project, or have been willingly waiting to climb up the corporate ladder, red Whether in the look of better employment or surplus sources of income, more prospects will easily come your way after you light red candles. Occasionally, they can even bring in sudden bonuses such as cash incentives or prizes.

For Self-Protection

As much as red candles can provoke cruelty or incite anger, they could also serve as your protection against psychic attacks. The energy discharged by red candles will give you the strength to fight beside those who nasty you harm.

Apart from this, burning red candle help to develop emotional and physical health. If you feel vulnerable or are facing some kind of threat, burn a red candle to set up your defenses and ward off the bad aura. Red candles can help you get a positive result.

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To Usher in Positive Energy

You can crack to red candles if you want to ward off unsafe spirits. They are quite active in purification curses, mainly to clear up a room’s dark or miserable atmosphere. For days when you are feeling mainly down or discouraged, hastily burn a red candle to boost your mood and enhance the surroundings.

To Boost a Spell

Though red candles have their own autonomous merits, they can also help enhance the effectiveness of other candle colours. Candles with red colour can boost the results of a spell, thus increasing their productivity. To usage a red candle as a promoter, manifest your intentions by reading a simple mantra that openly declares your goals.


Red candles symbol is passion and passionate love. This is not the kind of gentle, romantic love that tolerates but rather the kind that hurts quickly and intensely, a desire that might not last for a long time but one that will never be overlooked.

If you have these kinds of spirit for someone or you want them to practice these feelings for you, burning red candle will help things move fast in the desired way.


As well as lust and passion, red candles can help light a burning sense of desirability in somebody. So, if you have your eye on someone and want to make them observe you too, blazing a red candle will help generate the kind of energy that will bring you powerful results.


Red candles can also benefit fertility, so if you are not only anxious with pleasure but also with reproduction, red candles may help build the conditions that will bring you the hoped-for joy.

Physical strength

If you are feeling feeble and insufficient physically, red candles can support to increase your inner strength. In doing so, you will also increase your external physical strength by directing power to your body.

Powerful emotions

Red is the colour of overwhelming emotions, so lighting a red candle will help you concentrate and direct the feelings you are experiencing. If your mind is in turmoil due to inflamed love or lust, a red candle will help you concentrate these emotions and use them to help you. This, in turn, will get the object of your desire within your reach, letting you make the connection.

Despite this, if the suffering is anger, a red candle will allow you to connect it and use it. At the same time, you should be cautious of doing this, because releasing burning anger can be harmful and hurtful to everyone involved.


For those suffering from a lack of confidence, burning red candle can help as you are linked to confidence and self-belief.

This means, that if you have something you have to do that is making you anxious, burning red candle is part of the clarification. For instance, burning red candle before a job interview or a notable presentation will safeguard you to perform positively and to the best of your skill.

Determination and will-power

If you are unsure of one of your objectives, burning red candle can assist in reigniting your willpower because they are associated with persistence and the desire to succeed.

For instance, if you have commenced a business but you feel it is declining, red candles can help you recover the confidence that you are on the right track, and that can be done through hard work and firmness, which will make you a success.


When you feel lethargic or lazy, red candles can be the perfect remedy since they signify dynamism and action. Sometimes, you can lose your purpose to attempt to be better or pursue your goals with the interest you once had, and when this occurs, red candles can help rekindle the fire within us.

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Good fortune

Red is considered by some as signifying luck and good fortune, so if you are feeling low on your luck, burning red candle can help turn things into success.

Sometimes, you will experience times when everything appears to go against you, but if you keep your positivity and confidence, you will find that suddenly the opposite appears to be true. Unfortunately, when nothing looks to be going right, it can be hard to discover the positive energy to change things, in that case, lighting a red candle can provide the stimulus to get things progressing in the right direction.

Anger and rage

If you are suffering anger or rage, a red candle could help. If you are eager to disperse these strong feelings, lighting a red candle can assist the feelings to flow from your being, leaving you expelled and purified of all negativity.

However, if you are controlled to hang on to your trend, lighting a red candle can boost your emotions, so you should be very careful when you do this or you may find your irritation becomes too angry to contain.

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Red candles symbol war, so if you are plotting to go to war with someone symbolically, ritually lighting a red candle would be a good way to represent your intention.

Though it’s never sensible to follow such negative or aggressive paths as this, if this is the way you choose, you should consider carefully what you are about to do and your intentions and maybe consider other alternatives in its place.


red candles can denote revenge. However, what you just said regarding war also holds for revenge.

Pursuing revenge is unlikely to resolve whatever it was that someone did to you wrong, and while you think it will make you feel healthier, the approval increased from avenge will be short-lived and resonating.

So, before you light a red candle and set out for payback, think about more positive ways to resolve the problem and command about healing a determination for everyone involved.

Spiritual Benefits of Burning Red Candle

red candles symbol

Unlock Intuition: As an individual, we all think there are only two ways to go about a situation, i.e. Right or wrong, More or less, Better or worse.

That “felt right” or “gut feeling” is called intuition or instinct. 

Intuition plays a vast role in an individual`s life but you often seem to ignore it either because of friends or colleague pressure, the fear of being adjudged or just being wrong.  But, if you watch at it in a way, intuition can seriously bestow you

Just think as You make evaluations based on what “feels” right to YOU, which decodes to the fact that… YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE!

Achieve True Happiness!

You may think your happiness lies in buying the newest and latest Range Rover or a super expensive Rolex watch but these materialistic things only give you temporary happiness. While True happiness lies in accomplishment and satisfaction with yourself. 

Recognizing the individual, you are and the people around you, understanding little gestures, letting go of past sorrows, avoiding distress decisions in the future, and surviving in the moment are the only things that can let one live the most satisfying life possible. 

If you are having problems with anything, burning up a red candle is the best way to deal with it as it is seen as a sign of internal accomplishment and happiness. 

Improve Sensitivity

Being sensitive in today’s harsh world may sound counter-productive but, believe it or not, sensitivity is a vital aspect of a good life. 

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Not only does feeling allow you to understand and feel other people’s feelings but it can even help you become better and more nurturing friends, family members, citizens, or just better human beings in general. 

Sensitivity can also guide you for:

Socialize better; Communicate and express better; Build long-lasting relationships; Improve bonds; and become more emotionally intelligent.

If you find yourself revolving into a sadistic serial killer or just caring seriously little about important things or people then lighting a red candle might help you to re-establish and normalize your understanding levels for the better.

Improve Mood

A bad mood is not only upsetting for the person who has it but can also damage and ruin other people’s moods as well. 

Burning up a red candle is known to stimulate feelings of joy and significantly brighten up a dull and bland mood. It increases energy levels in a way that distresses the body if it stays at rest.  The flame of a red candle should instantly make you feel like your saddest of days just got struck by the brightest ray of sunlight.

Boost Energy!

Stopping straight from the last one, the red candle, when lit, leads energy inside your body almost immediately. 

If you have been feeling a little insensitive or just out of performance energy then burning red candle will not only help overcome lethargy or laziness but can even boost the body’s endurance. 

Increase The Effectiveness of Spells

As mentioned before, red candles are important

 To, complete the enchantress toolkit as they not only boost the effectiveness of spells but also shorten the time it takes for them to work in your favor. 

If you are interested in love that just makes your heart, go crazy then forming a love spell over them with red candles could make them yours forever! 

Promote Passion & Fertility

The red candle is a sign of love, desire, and passion. But, if you think about it, the candle is important as an all-rounder in this case!

It boosts the mood, increases energy levels, and encourages emotions that eventually trigger lust. Lighting a red candle helps clear the mind of all stress and stimulates a romantic mood which is important for a healthy and fulfilling sex life.

What is the meaning of the red candle?

Red candles meaning

Red candles meaning denote as passion, power, courage, and conquest. Lighting a red candle is considered to increase your fertility, make you more confident, improve your male energy, invite partners, and increase your stamina and physical strength.

What does the 7-colour candle mean?

The colors connect to the seven chakras, seven different intents, good luck, healing, happiness, money, protection & calm. You can use a seven-day candle with other spiritual products, such as condition oils and herbs, but several people also use them alone as a vigil candle.


Red candles are considered to have a strong relationship with fire along with the planet Mars. They are most efficient when burned on a Tuesday, whereas, their related Zodiac signs are Aries and Scorpio. It is possible to make the red candles work for both good and evil, depending on the user’s intentions. They can help prompt passion, good health, wealth, prosperity, and vitality, but on the other hand, can also be used for revenge by appealing power or provoking anger.


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