Dreaming about rain? Know the interpretations and spiritual connection

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I'm neither a pond, nor a river, nor a sea!
I descend from the sky with a message & a glee,
A silver ray of hope, a celestial art,
Can you name this performer, playing a significant part?

Did I hear you say, ‘Rain’?

Yes, you guessed it correctly!

Oh! That melodious sound of diamond-like drops touching the lash green ground! 
Oh! That indescribable fragrance of wetland that comes along the first rain! 

Rain! One word that pulls so many strings at a time! Romance, joy, freedom, happiness and more come along as an attribute to it, which one is your favourite? 

Just as filmy as it sounds, the blog is about to take you for a reality check! 

Besides being an inseparable part of the film industry and poems, rain has a spiritual part in the play as well! Would you believe that?

So, everything associated with the rain has a whisper stored for you! Ready to listen to it? 

Before we start let me ask an uncommon question; Is rain a sign of Good Luck or Bad Luck? Never thought of it, right? 

Your amazed expressions convey it all. A lot of people don’t know that dreaming about rain or for that matter even liking or disliking rain has a spiritual aspect to it! Rain is not just drops of water, it is beyond that. 

A message by the universe for the chosen ones, and if you are reading this; mind you it barely can be a coincidence! 

Speaking of coincidence, before moving ahead, think of any question related to rain! It should be related to spirituality angles. 

Now read the blog till the very end and let’s see if we have covered the same question or not! Do let us know in the comment section. 

Before going ahead, have a look at some of the most common questions associated with the Rain!

Does a frog cry in the rain? Or does rain make them happy? 
Is Rain a sign of fortune? 
Why does it always rain on auspicious days? 
Is liking rain considered a bad sign? 

Does dreaming of rain mean something good or bad? Is it normal?

Dreaming about rain

Reading these questions has brought you to the edge of your chair and your curiosity is getting on your nerves, isn’t it? 

Rain has always been just rain for a layman, enjoying it without any worry, cursing it without any fear, but the moment of realisation is that spiritual meaning of rain associated with it! 

Let’s unveil the spiritual meaning of rain: 

1. Hop with the Hope! 

Yes, One of the most prominent meanings of rain is that it gives you a clue about hope. 

No matter what kind of negativity you are facing in your life, drops of rain are here to signify some new beginnings of hope in your life.

The refreshing splash of rain droplets on your face and body is also for your soul.

So it spiritually indicates that the new and better days are coming for you.

 A new phase of life full of hopes and positivity is waiting for you. Do not give up at this moment. Try your fullest. 

2. Cleansing is its nature:

As we observe when it rains, the entire land roof, trees, and everything around us gets a cleansing round. 

The grass starts looking more lush green and the buildings start looking new But is this cleansing just limited to the monuments and Mother Earth? 

No, my dear rain has its cleansing natural impact on every one of us. 

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This cleansing impact is going to wipe out all the negativity, all the demotivation, and all the troubles that you have been thinking about and facing.

Your brighter and better days are about to begin. 

And to be prepared for that, all you need to do is introspect. 

Try to cleanse the things, thoughts and feelings that are possibly within your reach and stop worrying about the things that are out of range. 

3. Does it say a word about ‘Fertility’?

A lot of people hesitate that rain in general is a sign of fertility. Well, as it rains, a lot of crops and new lights on Earth start to blossom. 

In India, a lot of farmers wait for rain. They eagerly pray for rain because the entire growth of the crop ultimately depends on the amount of rain. 

And once it rains, they dance with joy. Moreover, the first harvest is also offered to the gods or goddesses, as a token of thanks. 

They also express their gratitude to rain and the god of thunder. The right time and the right amount of rain will make the crop fertile. 

And this is one of the core reasons why rain is associated with fertility. Just picture this; If it does not rain at the right time for the right amount, the crop will not grow, and the entire cycle of human survival will be endangered.

4. Sadness & Sorrow:

Wouldn’t you agree that rain a lot of times has a great impact on our mood? Sometimes it can uplift your mood and sometimes it can just put you in a dull spot.

Falling raindrops from the sky often have an emotional connection. 

Some people in the back of their minds think or associate raindrops falling from the sky as a crying activity. 

And some people might think that the raindrops falling on their face is giving them a rejuvenating experience.

Therefore ample people are having different mood impacts because of rain.

Well, don’t be surprised because rain has a natural and spiritual aspect that is bound to create impacts on our lives.

 If we are constantly running through a bad face, a few drops of rain can just make you happy, feel contented, and it can help you, give yourself a start, a fresh start 

On the other hand, if you have been battling with your thoughts, dealing with dramas, not being able to convey yourself, keeping too much within yourselves and holding everything too tight; then there are high chances that one rainy evening can lead you to a gush of feelings, of sadness, but take depressions not wanting to talk to anyone, isolating yourself.

 All of this happens just to make you understand that this amount of rain is bringing an opportunity for you, an opportunity to sit just with yourself, to have some needed time and understand what is happening with you and within. 

This is for you to reach a better spot in life and rain, therefore is associated with sadness and sorrow, but also claims to be a hope of a new beginning.

Even movie depictions have portrait rain for a good mood and for a bad mood Sometimes when they want to show on-screen romance they use rain as a prop, putting it in a good light.

And sometimes even the goodbyes are shown with heavy rains. Putting rain or associating rain with emotions of sadness and sorrow.

5. Transformation is being forecasted: 

Have you ever noticed that once it rains, things around you start changing, and they start changing for good? 

Mind you when it rains, the environment around you completely changes and the dry environment is wiped off. 

The calmness and coolness that rain brings along with itself is spread across the globe. 

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And it feels so beautiful that the entire flora and fauna are rejuvenating themselves with the rain. People around you are more calm. 

The hustle and bustle, the noisiness, is just being camouflaged under the rain droplets for a moment. 

And you begin to enjoy your day in a better way. Has it ever happened to you?

This transformation is so noticeable that we only focus on the transformation that rain brings along with it for nature.

 But this transformation is also applicable to us Rain from a spiritual aspect, also trying to put out a word for transformation, for change and that cannot be just related to worldly pleasures.

 It also is about changing yourself, improving your thoughts, being more positive, not putting yourself on a negative notion, thinking good about yourself, about your near ones, and about the situation that you are in. 

Just as one drizzle can change the environment to another level. 

Similarly, just one small change within you can change the dimensions of your life to another level And this is what rain is trying to convey to you.

6. Unpredictability is also an aspect: 

This is a very obvious one, just like the nature of rain. It is highly unpredictable with the weather forecast. You can predict it to an extent, but 100 percent prediction is out of our range. 

Similarly, from a spiritual angle, rain is also trying to promote unpredictability.

Unpredictability can be in terms of the situation, in terms of some person in your life and it can be as random as possible. (Well clearly not possible to summarise.)

But when rain is associated with unpredictability, it is better to hold all your cards in both of your hands and play mindfully when your turn comes.

You never know which situation may turn out in your favour or against you. Be careful.

We have tried to put across what the rain means from a spiritual perspective, we will be more than happy to read your experiences and perspective about rain in the comment section.

spiritual meaning of rain have the same interpretation when you see rain in your dream? 

Let’s find out. 

What does dreaming about Rain mean? 

Dreaming about rain sounds very fascinating and romantic. But as we mentioned earlier, it is also spiritually connected.

 So what does it exactly mean when you see rain in your dream? Well, for different instances, we have different meanings associated. 

Let’s understand them one by one.

Heavy rains or heavy downpours in your dreams usually try to point out some new difficulties or challenges that you might encounter soon.

If you are holding an umbrella and walking under the rain in your dream, that means you are about to enter a good and charming love face in your life. 

And you will soon find a good partner for yourself.

A calm rain or a decent amount of rain in your dream signifies that you are achieving your goals. 

You are on the right track, and everything is going as planned in your life. Don’t worry, relax and enjoy the process of life

A gentle rain also indicates prosperity, abundance and good luck. 

When you have been seeing rain dreams for quite a while, it means the situation is about to change, you have many unrealized emotions and you have to focus on self-improvement. 

Rain tends to guide you towards emotional well-being. 

If you are dreaming about rain on a window it means something positive is about to happen. Be happy and expressive. Think positive. 

Thunderstorms in dreams mean hardships are forecasted but remember they will pass as speedily as they have come. 

Dreaming about rain on the rooftop, means blessings are being showered on you. 

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Rainwater leaking in your house is considered a bad sign. It promotes negativity and such dreams are associated with bad omen. 

Getting wet in the rain means you are overrun by emotions, you have to push yourself to think good. Think rationally and do not lose control over your emotions. 

Dreaming about rain and wind indicates that you are finally communicating your feelings. It is a good start and you need to continue it. 

Be expressive and talk your heart out! 

Flooding and rain can be a scary dream. It indicates that you should reach out to people in your circle. Be more open, and talk to people. 

You have to be involved with the society at large and stop staying aloof. Socialise more. 

Driving in the rain might sound like a romantic dream but in a spiritual context, it means it is high time to retrospect. Slow down, and stay focused. Be alert.

Running in the rain sounds fancy but such dreams are good signs. It means you have all the abilities to overcome any challenge that might come your way. 

The dream of taking cover in the rain means good fortune. It means you have already taken the precautions required to live a peaceful life. 

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After reading so much about rain, one question that still holds the mystery is ‘ Rains are a sign of good luck or bad omen?’ Isn’t it?

Rains have too much to convey. How does one know if that is for good or for bad? 

Understanding that is important as it will further help to develop a perspective about rain. 

We tend to see every element with a perspective and therefore developing the right perspective is important. 

Is rain a good fortune or a bad omen?

This is quite debatable because everyone has an experience supporting the opinions. Do mention what’s your take about this in the comments. 

Rain signifies prosperity and new beginnings, blessings and therefore a lot of people love rain. 

Keeping personal choices aside, rain replenishes water resources, gives flora and fauna the much-needed water splashes and keeps the entire human cycle in rhythm. 

Therefore more people believe it to be a good omen, a sign of goodness. Rain is also considered God’s blessing. 

Hence in a major context, rain is considered as a sign of good luck! 

We are sure after reading this, you are never going to recite ‘Rain, Rain, Go Away; Come Again Another Day’.

Rain has both the attributes associated with it; good & bad. Now, it’s in one’s hand how they are interpreting it; considering rain as a catalyst for change or a sign for introspection? 

Nature’s poetry can whisper differently in your ears, understand the flow of life & match the hint. 

Rain has so much to convey, and we have so little idea to know it all; God’s blessing in the form of rain, may shower happiness in your life. 

On that note, we have come to the end of the blog. 

Spirituality has its touch in everything, around everything and decoding its meaning is vast. 

We promise to come up with the next blog soon, meanwhile, if you want us to cover a particular topic that is rolling in your head, write it down!