The Seed of life Symbol and Meaning

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A very important and significant representation of sacred geometry is the Seed of Life symbol. Even though it is a simple pattern made from seven overlapping circles, the idea it conveys is very significant. One of the most profound and spiritual symbols of Life. Which reminds us every moment that everything in this universe is interconnected.

It is a symbol of theological and spiritual significance and a venerable holy symbol.

A modern term for an old geometric shape is “the seed of life.” It is made up of seven circles that overlap and share the same diameter. A rosette with six tiny petals within and twelve bigger petals outside is created when six of them are evenly placed within the seventh.

The circle is the fundamental shape of the Seed of Life, and in sacred geometry, circles signify both cycles and inclusiveness. The seven circles in this case are frequently equated to the seven days of creation, with the various circles being assigned to various stages of the construction of the universe. The circles’ overlap indicates that these occurrences did not occur independently of one another either, but rather that they are all closely related to one another and built upon one another.

When you adorn yourself with the Seed of Life, it serves as a conduit, keeping you connected to the universe’s ongoing flow, ensuring that new energy flows through you and out, sweeping away any negativity and assisting you in overcoming challenges.

What Does the Seed of Life Symbol Mean?

Seven circles that are uniformly spaced apart and intersect to form a symmetrical flower-like pattern make up the 2D (two-dimensional) geometric symbol known as The Seed of Life. The symbol is generally shown with an outer circle, making a total of eight circles (7 inner circles and 1 outer circle).

The Seed of Life is seen as the first and original shape from which all other parts of creation emerge, making it a potent symbol of creation. 

The centre circle represents the Sabbath or the mind of the Creator, while the outer six circles stand for the six days of creation. The seven circles also stand for the seven chakras, seven alchemical metals, and seven days of the week.

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The concept of eternity, or the endless cycle of life is represented by the outer circle, which is the eighth circle.

The Origins of the “Seed of Life” Emblem

The seed of life has been discovered in various iterations at archaeological sites all over the world. The name itself was presumably developed much later by individuals who studied the geometry and mathematics of the shapes or who came across the illustrations in early publications. 

The seed of life was discovered in ancient Egypt, etched on the walls of the Osiris Temple in Abydos.

It had been displayed on a granite stone covered in red ochre for at least 6,000 years, preserving the picture of the seed of Life over the ages. According to researchers, the pattern and colour may have represented the sun god Ra’s eye.

Although the Seed of Life symbol has existed for a long time, Drunvalo Melchizedek, a writer, popularised and promoted the name of the symbol in his Sacred Geometry books in the 1980s.

Meaning of Seed of Life

Some people are often puzzled about the exact meaning of seed of life. Today we would dig deep to understand the sense and essence of the same. This symbol is amazing since it has so many detailed patterns and layers of meaning. The Seed of Life has various connotations and aspects. The most common explanations are listed below.

The sun and the seasonal cycles:

The Seed of Life is considered a symbol of the Sun. It represents the rays of the sun. It also symbolises the cycle of life, which includes death, rebirth, and the natural seasonal cycles. As it contains the Vesica Piscis emblem, which originally stood for the female womb, it also represents fertility, the Divine Feminine, and expansion.

The Latin phrase Vesica Piscis, often known as Mandorla, signifies “fish bladder.” It determines the sacred geometric shape that meets at the point where two parallel circles cross each other’s centres.

According to legend, this emblem already represented the “vulva” or “womb” before the advent of Christianity. In many representations of the mother goddess, the vulva and abundant chest are both clearly seen.

Serves as protection

The Seed of Life is a sacred spiritual symbol. Which keeps bad luck and disappointment away from your life.

It works well as an addition to sigil magic, full moon rituals, candle magic, or as a charm or talisman. You can feel the seed of life as an energy.

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You can channel the energy of the Seed of Life and stay connected to the universal flow by wearing it as a pendant or placing it in your sacred location. It clears out bad energy and aids in your progress through obstacles.

The numerology of seven

The Seed of Life is often related to the number seven since it has seven circles. The number seven in numerology stands for transparency, wisdom, insight, and finding the truth.

Numerous historical cultures have used the number seven as a symbol and have connections to it. In the Buddhist tradition, there are seven enlightenment degrees, just as there are seven notes on a musical scale. 

Hinduism believes that there are seven above and seven lower worlds.

The  creation

Some religions, including Christianity, hold that life was created over the course of seven days. For this reason, the Seed of life pattern is sometimes referred to as the creation emblem. The initial components of life are allegedly present in each of the seven spheres.

Some people think that the Seed of Life signifies the beginning of creation. Each fresh circle, which was produced every day, represented how all life is interconnected and not separate from one another.

This geometric shape represents the source of all life. The Seed of Life demonstrates how everyone on Earth and in the universe is interconnected.

How to Apply It to Your Spiritual Practice

It is quite obvious that mere knowing about the spiritual quotient would not do any good. Applying it would do wonders. Embracing Seeds of Life as part of your spiritual practice has several benefits. It helps you develop your spiritual life and gives you the opportunity to comprehend yourself spiritually on a deeper level.

  • Ornaments : You can carry the energy of symbols with you wherever you go by wearing them. This is a terrific way to incorporate them into your life. You can integrate the potent meaning of this sacred symbol by including the Seed of Life in your spiritual practice. This sign can be worn on garments as well.
  • Art work : Art as it is believed is said to have deep spiritual underlining. A good way to practise the Seed of Life is to hang pictures of it around the house. Keeping it always in front of your eyes will help in your spiritual development. 
  • Ritual Practice : As we are all extensions of the same source, we share the same creative potential. You can manifest and create your own spiritual connections and material reality by utilising the Seed of Life in ritual practise, spells, sigils, and meditation. The Seed of Life always reminds us that everything sacred in life has a right time.
  • Tattoo design : Since symbols play an important role in tattoo art, if it is a symbol of the Seed of Life, its importance increases. Although the pattern of this symbol is simple, it carries a deep meaning.
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Symbolism of the Seed of Life


This symbol is amazing since it has so many different levels of meaning and intricate designs. Depending on who you ask, there are various interpretations and facets of the Seed of Life. Let’s analyse the different symbolisms connected to the Seed of Life.

  • Blessing, Procreation, and Safety : It is believed that the Seed of Life emits potent vibrations that might lead to favourable changes in your life.You can wear it as jewellery or carry it around as an amulet to ward off bad energy. It is very important for pregnant women. It acts as a protective charm. Which will protect them from all evil forces.
  • Energy and wisdom : The Seed of Life is seen as a potent emblem for generating fresh concepts and paving fresh paths through life. You can access the universe’s vitality and creative potential by meditating on the Seed of Life. 
  • Equilibrium & Harmony : The Seed of Life is composed of seven circles that are identical in size, similarly spaced apart, and intersect one another. This symmetrical pattern is the epitome of equilibrium and harmony.

The Conclusion

Hopefully, this information has helped you understand the Seed of Life symbol’s incredibly potent meaning. Thus, the information provided here merely scratches the surface of the symbol’s meaning and the mysteries it conceals. It is understandable why tribes from all around the world have respected and employed this emblem in their ceremonies and spiritual practices. No wonder it is named as the seed of life.

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