Pigeons as Spiritual Meaning: What Does It Signify?

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Gazing sky, birds chirping, winds whooshing and that golden hour! Isn’t that your idea of the utmost sense of comfort and peace? 

Wait! Hold that thought for a long time; and consider that the birds that visit you regularly, giving you a sense of nature’s best creation are not just ordinary ones. Don’t raise an eyebrow yet. 

You still have to guess about the bird we are talking about! 

This bird with a small head, short legs and feather colours is grey, black and white; visit your garden daily! 

(No marks for guessing) Pigeons! 

What if these innocently calm pigeons are no ordinary birds? Nature wants you to see Pigeons as spiritual meaning. (Well, now you can raise eyebrows) 

Take all liberty to start thinking that they are the gatekeepers of secret conversation, a spiritual message and a lot more; intrigued? 

Their coos and fluttering wings, their appearance and their actions; everything is a sign and they are messengers (Hmm… not just in a romantic way!)

In this read, do not take a back seat. Recall all the memories associated with pigeons, all the incidents from the flashback as we are about to unveil the spiritual significance of pigeons.

Get Set Go! Let’s decode the secret messages stored in the coos, and clues hidden in their flattering wings! 

The blog isn’t about pigeons; it puts a light on the unheard meaning of the pigeons and what they might be carrying in their feathery briefcases. 

As soon as we mention decoding the spiritual significance of pigeons, the first thought that emerges is are we talking about blue pigeons or white ones? 

Followed by a series of questions like;

  • What does it mean when a pigeon comes to your window?
  • Is it good if pigeons visit your home?
  • What does a pigeon symbolise in different cultures? And More!

If you have a question in mind, drop it in a comment! (We would love to address it.)

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Just to address, finding an injured pigeon or a dead pigeon can also be a nature’s whisper; want to know what it means? Stay hooked with us till the very end!

All this curiosity comes to an end with the beginning of the decoding of what a pigeon signifies spiritually. Wanna know, scroll a bit.

Pigeons as Spiritual Meaning?

Pigeons as Spiritual Meaning

To break down the title, we are trying to highlight what spiritual context signifies about pigeons. 

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Quick fact check, a study shows that pigeons can remember a certain image for several days, also they can remember landmarks and their reflection. 

Besides a good memory, their hearing skills are also praiseworthy, they will be the first ones to know if a storm is approaching, and thunderstorms can be felt by them immediately. 

Spiritual insights from pigeon is the symbolism of;

  • Awareness: It need not necessarily mean that you are completely unaware but suggests keeping your guard up. 
  • Faith: Pigeon symbolism in different cultures ought to be different. But majorly all of it considers pigeon as a sign of faith. There’s no harm in finding a silver lining in grey clouds. 
  • Socialising: Yes, you might find it strange but pigeons are considered to promote the idea of socialising. Meeting new people, group participation. 
  • Parenting: If you are newly married and planning to enter parenthood, here you go! Seeing pigeons often denoted blessings. 
  • Spiritual Progress: Oh, how can we miss this point? Spiritual awakenings, taking the right path and moving ahead are suggested when a person sees a pigeon quite often. 

Pigeon as Animal Spirit

From a spiritual perspective, pigeons are considered as messengers. And when it is conveyed that a Pigeon as Animal Spirit; it requires special attention.

Pigeons as spiritual meaning, are trying to convey that it is time for you to take up the challenges. 

To come out of your comfort zone. 

Don’t worry at all. 

You have all the strength and talent required to do the tasks that are not part of your comfort zone. 

Just as pigeons return home safely at the end of the day; you shall too! You too shall return to your comfort zone once you have broken the ice ceiling.

It also promotes the idea of socialising, conveying the message that being aloof is not your nature. 

Find the right company and socialise with people who are like-minded, and growth-minded and shall give you comfort and warmth. 

Pigeon as Animal Spirit also indicates that the prayer that you have been waiting to be answered has been considered, and the prayers have been received. And it is time to rise & shine. 

Pigeons as Totem Animals

Before you start googling, let us put it forward for the meaning of the word ‘totem’. 

You might have come across the word spiritual animal quite a few times. 

But if this is your first encounter with the word totem animals, let us break it down for you. Totem animals represent the qualities of a person associated with this animal. 

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People often try to find the personal meaning of themselves, their lives in context, to the totem animal they represent.

Still a little confused? Don’t worry. Read the blog till last, and all your questions will be answered,

It is believed that individuals who are born with a pigeon as their totem animal are very warm.

They are generally caring and are gentle as well. 

They tend to be down to Earth and in certain cases, they also are diplomatic.

Honesty and maintaining peace is their utmost priority. 

Behaving like a free spirit bird, enjoying vacations, being surrounded by nature, and being close to Mother Earth; will give your soul a sense of peace and satisfaction if you are represented by a pigeons as totem animals.

Pigeons as totem animals, also holds the strings of your deeper emotions. 

Having great communication skills and a greater convincing part comes in handy for people governed by pigeons as totem animals. 

The religious context also signifies pigeons as spiritual meaning. 

That’s why you might have seen them in certain movies carrying love letters. Well, as fancy as it may sound, the reality resonates with the filmy reals.

In simple terms to enjoy the perks of being represented by a pigeon as a totem animal; all you need to do is to constantly remind yourself that you are the best, you are doing the best and you expect nothing.

Pigeon as Power Animal

“Power” the word itself has alluring attributes. 

Well, let’s see if Pigeon as power animal that’s associated with you. 

Granting unconditional love, making every effort to make a relationship work. Striving for a balanced two-way communication is what it signifies. 

If you ever feel like the coo of a pigeon is giving you a sense of relaxation, or is helping you escape the stress mind you, that’s your sign for considering a pigeon as your power anymore.

These are all the formats of interpretations. But the incidents are not limited to real life, it goes beyond reality too. 

Having said that, dreams have a big role to play. 

Hold on for a minute, think of the time when you might have met this little bird in your dreams! (because it has a message for you!)

Pigeon in Dreams

The supreme and understated relation between spirituality and dreams should always be considered. 

We have decoded a few meanings that shall help you know the meaning of random pigeon appearance in your dreams. 

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Defining their actions along with decoding them. 

Noticing a flying pigeon in dream (irrespective of the colour) indicates peace is coming to your life. 

The long period you waited patiently, and manifested the serenity in your life is all set to begin. 

Also, there’s a chance of meeting new people. 

A lot of things may begin to happen at the same time. 

But be careful, don’t be all over the place. 

Hold your horses, be particular and patient. Avoid overthinking. 

It can also sometimes indicate that a mess is waiting ahead for you. 

The good part is everything is in your hands, how you behave and how you pursue. 

If the pigeon is hovering around you in your dream, it means you need to head up the gear. See if someone in your inner circle needs your help. He or she is hesitant to take your help but requires it. 

Noticing pigeons flying high in dreams is bringing a lot of happiness soon. Conveying that the spiritual life is about to take the right direction. 

Two pigeons together are sparking some love connections in your life. And if they are white, consider yourself lucky! 

Pigeons constantly flying above you means hightent emotions, and raising hopes. 

When the Pigeon in your dream has a message tied to his foot, prepare for good news from someone you love soon.

Final Take Away

As promised we have mentioned, what does it mean when you see an injured pigeon? It means you are a healer, when you touch an injured pigeon you are trying to heal them with your positive thoughts and aura. 

If you see a dead pigeon, it denotes you are a healer who needs to act instantly and take measures when required. Do not underestimate yourself and take corrective actions on point. 

Seeing pigeons has a lot of messages instilled in you! Being confused about how to interpret or pursue it is common, and what’s uncommon is seeking help. And we are extending a helping hand, comment if you need one!