Symbolic Meaning of Stars and Interpretation

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Stars! The glitter, the shine! 
They attract, they hide!
Ever wondered why we ponder over them,  
When they are too far to be mine?

Yes, the first word you read ‘Star’ is in the limelight for today’s blog. Star, in general, has been often considered to convey attributes of shine, desire, romance, brightening and more. 

Do you know somebody for whom ‘Stargazing’ is beyond an activity? Apart from the contextual aspect, it provides them with a sense of peace and calm. 

Wait, are you one of them? Voila! We have unveiled many things for you in the blog. (Keep Reading) 

Just before we jump into the symbolic meaning of Stars and their spiritual context, you’ll be amazed to know that the word star comes from an old English word ‘Steorra‘.  Also the Dutch word ‘ster’ and the German word ‘stern’ are considered to form the word ‘STAR’ in English! 

  • Since we have learned the name frame of the star, how about going down memory lane a bit more? 
  • When instructed to draw something in school, wouldn’t you promptly begin sketching a star?
  • And how about drawing a star to mark something important while reading? 

Or picking a star print t-shirt from the mall, despite numerous varieties? And of course no marks for guessing your love for Star Wars… (LOL) Knowingly or unknowingly, consciously or subconsciously somewhere ‘stars’ have been a  constant element in touch! Keeps you in awe, and surrounds you with mystery! 

If that’s the case, learning the symbolic meaning of Stars is a must. 

Stargazing in Symbols: Unveiling the Symbolic Meaning of Stars

Symbolic Meaning of Stars

Stars are so alluring that one can gaze at them all night! The calmness they reflect is considered one reason to associate ‘stars’ with dreams, cultures and religions. Therefore, it is also considered that these shiny little ones can just reflect positivity!  But in the world of spirituality, there’s more. More than just ‘positivity’. 

Some believe it to be a symbol of guidance. Yes, go back to school days when teachers used to tell us stories about how humans used to depend on stars for navigation. The tales of recognizing the ‘brightest star’ in the sky to locate north direction. Considering this a lot of people believe that spiritually a star signifies direction!

On the other hand, in your low phase, someone from your inner circles must have told you ‘Reach for the stars’. 

That denotes stars are often viewed as a sign of motivation. These shiny objects have managed to set all gaze upon them, by their shine, and their unique shape. 

With no folktale attached, some people also believe the star to be a protective element. It protects one from the evil eye and dispels the negativity. One more adjective associated with the stars from a spiritual aspect is ‘faith’. 

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Remember, the shooting star stories? That used to amaze us as kids. Well, it still keeps one in awe. Irrespective of age, everyone loves to close their eyes and manifest their desires as soon as a shooting star holds their attention. 

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Wouldn’t you ask for a wish from a shooting star? That nodding head says it all. 

The wonder and the mystery that stars bring along are also due to their different technical shapes. You must be surprised that stars have the same shape, then what is the technical difference? 

Stars do have different shapes! 

Some are 4-pointed stars, some are 5, some are 8, and some are 9 and 12! That’s the difference. And the difference is not restricted or limited to the pointers; it is beyond the physical appearance. Wanna know the difference? Scroll a bit, it is too interesting to be overlooked. 

Let’s start with understanding what a 12-pointed star signifies. 

12-pointed star

Dodecagram is another name for a 12-pointed star. The number ’12’ has a lot of connectivity in our day-to-day life. 

We are just surrounded by it and that’s why spiritually 12 pointed stars are extremely vital, provide abundance and bring luck. 

Completeness is one of the factors that is conveyed spiritually by 12-pointed stars. Just as 12 hours make a day, 12 months make a year; 12 pointed stars denote one complete life cycle. 

12 zodiac signs govern our birth charts and similarly, from an immateriality point of view the 12-pointed star expresses nature, birth and luck, it also narrates itself as a point of direction. Therefore 12 pointers of the dodecagram represent 12 zodiac signs. 

Interconnection is emphasised when you take a closer look at the shape of a dodecagram. The overlapping hexagrams are loudly speaking of interconnection.

And isn’t it crucial to have a balanced interconnection between body, mind and soul? 

Another observation you might make is how two entirely different, opposite poles are at equal distances, keeping the balance intact. 

Considering the balance factor is not limited to just the physical body, the mind needs to be balanced too. Do you know your mind has different aspects? 

Yes, these aspects are conscious, subconscious, superconscious, belief, thoughts, ego, knowledge, understanding, wisdom, attention, memory, and perception. 

Now, if you might as well have counted these words, these aspects are 12 too! 

A 9-pointed star has a lot to convey – let’s know its significance. 

9 pointed star

This particular-shaped star represents the highest level of faith. From a spiritual perspective, it denotes Completeness. Just as 9 completes the sequence of single digits. 

Don’t be amazed to know that it is considered to be a portal to connect with your higher consciousness and spiritual awakening. The prime example to understand is to go back to school days. 

No, no. Not in the literal sense. We mean to go back to school days and switch to your maths classes. 

Remember when your teacher mentioned; Dear Students multiply anything with 9 and the sum of the result will always be 9. 

How many of you already started calculating in mind? (Share in comment) 

Spiritually it denotes that 9 is the number of Totality. And to achieve the state of totality one has to be spiritually active, aware and connected with their higher consciousness. 

Now that we know the meaning of the 9-point star, it is vital to understand what each pointer denotes. 

The 9 pointers of the star represent a distinct meaning. Each point has an attribute associated with it. 9 things that 9 pointed star conveys are; 

Creation, Destruction, Preservation, Past, Present, Future, Body, Mind, Spirit.

Next in the queue is an 8-pointed star – What does it signify?


Popularly known as the octagram, 8-pointed stars are culturally believed to have a special connection with the planet Venus and the sun. 

From there the theory of considering an 8-pointed star as a sign of victory, good over evil, and shining bright through dullest light gets a bone. 

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Speaking of 8, the octagram is seen as a source of creation and infinity. Taking a close look at the curves of number 8, you will be able to see the symbol of infinity. Infinity denotes no beginning and no end, it just continues and continues. 

An 8-pointed star signifies a phase of infinity in your life. Speaking of that you must keep yourself prepared to have infinite questions in your mind, but searching for answers might be difficult. Just go with the flow – this philosophy is much needed.

Certain questions but uncertain answers are denoted by 8-pointed stars. 

Speaking of ‘certain’ reminds us to put light on one thing that is constant and certain i.e. ‘Change’. 

Change is permanent and when we talk about it about 8 pointed stars, there are 8 phases of change in the moon, namely; new moon, waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, full moon, waning gibbous, third quarter, and waning crescent

A Lot of people believe spotting an 8-pointed star often means ‘change’. A change from within for your betterment. 

Also, it is a reminder that we all are connected with nature and to constantly progress, it is important to stay in harmony with nature. 

It is said to bring happiness, infinite possibilities, prosperity, and luck if you spot an 8-point star in the open sky! 

Up next is a 7 pointed star meaning and its influence on our lives. 


As soon as you think of ‘7’ as a number, you might think of 7 days in a week or 7 colours in a rainbow, well we hope that’s a correct guess. 

Because these examples are representing the nature of the number 7 i.e. vibrancy and knowledge. 

Similar to how sunlight contains seven colours that we can’t see individually, everything around us holds a magical and hidden side that reveals itself when we explore more deeply. 

The knowledge we seek is stored deep inside our minds. 

A 7-pointed star is pointing to rely on your inner sense whenever you are in doubt. 

From a religious point of view, the sun god is considered to own a chariot within 7 hours, therefore spiritually when people believe 7 talks about infinite energy, we consider the sun as the source of it. 

If another belief is to be considered, a 7-pointed star is often considered as a sign of freedom and independence. Spotting a 7-pointed star in a bright sky might be a message of being self-reliant for you. 

A 7-pointed star also is responsible for bringing happiness and luck into your life! You are lucky if you spot one! 

Let’s know about 5-pointed stars and what they convey. 


Pentagram is a mysterious one! That is what makes it unique as compared to all other types of stars! 

The shape of this 5-pointed star often resonates with a budding flower or a seed. 

It is believed that the 5 pointers of the star denote the 5 elements which a human body consists of. 

A 5-pointed star is often considered mysterious; it represents the future. And one can not predict the future. It’s all in the lap of faith. 

The 4-pointed star is last in the queue: 


Often the stars we gaze at in the sky appear to be four-pointed. But since we are looking at it from the naked eye, we can not closely ascertain its shape. 

Four pointed stars are said to be the secret messengers, they are trying to convey you a message from your loved ones. 

It is generally associated with the concept of ‘belief’ and ‘self-awareness’. 

Four-pointed stars are also the one who grants you wishes, and that’s why people secretly whisper a wish when they see a shooting star. 

Four quarters that bind us with different seasons, different festivals and different ways of working denote our co-relation with Mother Earth and flexibility in our existence. 

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A 4-pointed star whispers to you to be flexible when the time and circumstance are not in your favour. Keep yourself grounded and be the happiest version of yourself, irrespective of what the external factors are. 

Well, these all are when we see stars with open naked eyes but have you ever wondered what it means when you see stars in a dream? 

They say every dream has a meaning, it has something to convey, they are talking to you, to your subconscious. 

So, what does it mean when you see a star in dreams? Spiritually does it have an impact? Is it a hidden message? 

Yes, it does! 

Seeing a Star in Dreams can Probably mean any of the Following; 

Protection is provided to you. You are safe and saved from dangers ahead and it also emphasises retrospecting. Thinking who or what could be the probable danger that you were about to face. Be cautious. 

Guidance and force are with you, provided to you. The stars are your guiding light, they are trying to navigate the right direction. Be with you and provide you with the best direction. 

The light that the star reflects brings hope. Hope for a better life, better you and better possibilities is on the card if a star visits you in the dreams. You can also consider it as a good luck charm.

It can mean life and death too. 

The sun, our closest star, makes life on Earth possible by providing sunlight that sustains all living organisms, including humans. 

If the sun were to explode, it would pose a threat to every planet and eliminate all life, highlighting how stars symbolise both the gift of life and the potential for its destruction.

Motivation, when nothing works it does! Stars are motivating you to be the best version of yourself. Be confident, you are awesome! 

Do you remember, when doing good work, good homework was rewarded with stars on our fists? And it kept us happy, contained and motivated for an entire day? Yes, it is the same motivation we are referring to here. 

Stars are much more than just celestial objects in our lives. We are connected with them in many ways, some known; some unknown. 

The Final Thoughts: 

These twinkling little sparks of joy may be far, but the connection can be felt. Next time when you see a star in dreams or in the open sky, you know what it means! This spiritual connection can be experienced only by the chosen ones, and if you are one of them, if you have ever experienced any of it – mention it in the comment, manifest good results and make your connection with your inner self stronger! 

Spirituality has its touch in everything around us, the more we are aware, the better we will understand the hints of nature. To understand spirituality and its connection with you, keep exploring our blogs. Remember you dont accidentally read such blogs, the topic chooses you! The universe wants you to know!