Stray cat following you ? You need to know these signs!

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Jack & Jill went up to the hill,
Hill was high, both decided to take a break and chill, 
then appeared a feral cat that followed them down the hill, 
Continuing to follow them to their house, Jack wondered what it meant. 

Being followed by a cat might sound very usual but to your surprise it’s unusual and that makes it a topic for discussion! Doesn’t matter if you are a cat lover or otherwise, but an encounter with a feral cat might have some hidden message for you. 

Not just messages, but when a stray cat following you, that also speaks a lot about your personality. 

Have you ever noticed that cats are less friendly than dogs, tend to shy away, are not probably the first ones to approach you, they try to stand high with their attitude and generally don’t prefer to follow someone through & through.

More than good, cats have been associated with bad luck as per the beliefs of the majority. But the spiritual connection is a lesser talk agenda and henceforth we will be putting light on the same! Meanwhile, hang tight, as we are unveiling some superstitions about CATS. 

Across the globe there are different beliefs and superstitions revolving around cats like; 

  • One shouldn’t chase a black cat, it brings bad luck, 
  • A black cat signifies poverty. A lot of people fear that if they see a cat from behind, it is bad luck.
  • If your path is crossed by a black cat, it is a sign of bad luck. 
  • If a black cat walks across your path, then you have to walk in a circle, and go to the point where you saw by walking backwards, once you reach that spot, stand there and count to 13.
  • A white cat appearing in your dream is said to bring a bad omen. 
  • Similarly, seeing a white cat at night is also considered bad. 
  • All these must be slightly difficult for a cat lover to believe, right? Don’t worry, we are all set to present a spiritual aspect associated with CATS. 

Animals can feel emotions and sense energies in a very quick way & unadulterated way. That’s why people believe that these spiritual indications hold a lot of potential to be true. 

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Have you Ever Felt Truly Special and Real When a Stray Cat Following You?

This world has 8 billion people and the cat chooses to follow you; isn’t that special? 

Also, it is spiritually believed that CAT follows only those people whose spirit and aura are positive, they love people who are real and will only follow them if they are the chosen ones. In this world full of drama, being real is a task and if you are followed by a cat – consider it as a reward! A reward for being true! 

You Are Under Divine Protection: 

This furry friend is trying to give you a message that ‘You are Under Divine Protection.’ Your guardians, and angels are here to cover you with a firewall, your safety is ensured. No matter how hard one tries, nobody can breach this safety wall. You are safe and you shall focus on your goal without worrying about the enemy, or any negative entity. 

You need to be Cautious: 

Yes, sometimes when a stray cat chooses you – it should be considered a warning! Don’t worry, the ‘warning’ word might up your guard but maybe at the moment you need that the most. Cat is trying to put across that you have to be observant about yourself, stay in control and try to control your behaviour. 

Think Thrice, you read it right – not twice but thrice before you speak, be cautious! Self-talk before the public talk. 

Calm your inner self, don’t lose control and be patient! 

Change the way of your approach, be more gentle. And this lesson can be followed lifelong, don’t you agree?

Cat claims you as a ‘Superhero’: 

 Every individual has their struggle, their battles to be fought. But when a stray cat following you, it means in their eyes you are living as a hero, as a warrior. When a stray cat chooses you, it is a sign that you shall keep moving ahead with good spirits and not lose hope. Hold tight on yourself, trust no one more than yourself and your capabilities! 

Believe in yourself the MOST. 

It is a reminder that your self-reliance is your self-radiance! 

What Does It Mean When a Stray cat chooses you?

Don’t worry, we have that covered for you further. Keep reading! Meanwhile, how far you relate to these spiritual messages can be shared in the comments. (We would love to know)

In this blog, we have constantly mentioned being chosen by a cat, let’s decode it. 

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Random encounters with cats don’t count but there is no said rule. However, some common practices that are being considered and widely accepted are; 

– Cat being Friendly

As mentioned earlier, cats neither like to initiate nor like to be friendly to strangers. If you happen to meet a stray frequently for a while and if she is coming close to you, approaching you first by following you for a long time and entering your personal space then take it as a friendly approach. 

– Cat is communicating

The second sign is cal allowing you to play with her or pat her. She is comfortable with you and sitting or walking next to you is considered to be a sign of communication. Cat is trying to communicate that she is fine and comfortable with and around you! 

– Cat is nominating you

We never choose a pet, a pet chooses you! A cat who is choosing you is allowing you to be her master, to be her parent to adopt her as a pet. A stray cat following you, or want to be your pet if you have high positive energy, a clean aura and a good heart! Mindwell, all of these are required. 

When a stray cat is picking you as an owner, you need to make a note that a cat will only do so if she trusts you! 

Well, take a moment to appreciate yourself because if a stray cat chooses you, they believe that you’ll give them ample love and affection, only then they will select you! 

If any one these signs are experienced by you, bravo! you are a good and happy soul. Now, since we are talking about cat selecting you, and its spiritual aspect. It is important to also know what cat symbolism is in the context of spirituality. Excited to know? Scroll down. 

For some this furry friend brings luck and for some people, cats are not openly welcomed. Taking into consideration various never-ending beliefs we have penned down a few. 

Are Cats Commonly Regarded as a symbol of Protection?

Not everyone will agree but people believe spiritually cats can connect with the world beyond our reach and that’s why they can keep away evil spirits, keeping your home, your family and you safe! 

They will also protect you from negative energies, and warn you from ill happenings in no time. 

Feral Friends attracts prosperity: 

In your childhood, has your nanny or granny told you that cats have 9 lives? Therefore for each life, they bring the best on the table for their caretakers. And that is why a lot of people love to own a cat as a pet. 

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Stray Cats Speak of Independence: 

Stray cats are considered to live an independent life. They live with pride and take care of themselves. Stray cats from a spiritual aspect demonstrate independence. As an independent spirit, they also seem to be attention-seeking and have pride in being independent. 

Since you have read the blog patiently, we are presenting a bonus point for you!

Sometimes, a little kitty might not be fond of you, that doesn’t mean you are not good but you can make yourself good enough. Hmm… that eagerness to read says it all! 

Meditation: Yes, it not only heals you from within but establishes a better connection with yourself. Cleanse your aura, and make you feel better from within. Negative and disorganised energies will make cats run away from you but as yoga enhances your concentration abilities, it will become easy to think positively and respond accordingly. And this might cleanse your aura and help to find a furry friend. 

Don’t Try Too Hard: Maintain the line of patience, you can not force yourself or you can not force an animal to like you. Sometimes connection with animals can come in life due to other reasons. Try one step at a time, try to feed them, be friendly and take good care. 

And with that, we have reached the end of the blog, wait! Do not press that back button now because here’s the key takeaway! ‘Spirit animal’ have you come across this term before? It refers to a spirit that will be your guiding hand, and if a stray cat following you or selects you – there are high chances that your spirit animal is also a CAT! We bet you didn’t know this before! To know more about such stuff, keep reading our blogs.