Dragon Meaning & Symbolism

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Amid the mythical creature of the world’s folklores and stories, the dragon is the violent and most respected of all. From olden epics to modern fictions, the dragon inspires awe, wonder, and oddity in the thought of mankind. 

The dragon is a sign of evil, in both the chivalric and Christian traditions. In the point, it symbolizes psychic power, wisdom, intensity, and hidden knowledge. In several custom, it is the epitome of chaos and wild nature.

Dragon meaning and symbolism   

Dragon Meaning

Dragons are often linked with fiction and magic. At times, fairy tales use dragons as their crucial beasts. Princesses are protected by dragons, explorers are intended to kill dragons, and imaginary kingdoms are set low by the strength and power of dragons. As dragons are the decisive villains in several fairy tales, dragons sometimes it signifies unbeatable hardship. Dragons are often representing of the difficult situation that one has to overwhelmed in order to succeed. 

In a like vein, dragons are often considered secure princesses in fairy tales. As of , dragons may be linked with detention or the emotions of being trapped. Dragons may also signify protection, security, Dragons are linked with extreme climate conditions. In some traditions, dragons are believed of as causing storms or controlling the winds. In general, dragons are rarely linked with the mythical powers of the forces of nature. 

As they are often observed in fairy tales, dragons are related with innocence, creativity, and childhood. Moreover, dragons are believed of as royal and majestic. They are sometimes connected with monarchy, leadership, or adventure.

Dragons are occasionally observed of as capable of breathing fire. For this reason, dragons are often related with elemental fire. Fire is a power for damage, but it is also a revitalising and renewing force. Dragons can be linked with death and destruction as well as renewal and purifying.

Eventually, dragons are occasionally related with wicked, the devil, or dishonesty. Dragons are often portrayed as sneak like and are sometimes linked with the biblical concept of sin.

If dragon is your spirit animal, you are intellectual, brave, and can overcome any struggle in your life. You are positive and always ready for anything that comes your way. Others oversight things you notice right away; your instinct never drives you wrong. Dragons also have great tolerance, which is necessary when chasing your goals.

If dragon is your spirit animal its reminds you that you are potent and can accomplish anything you want. Same as to the peacock spirit guide, you are always progressing forward. You never give up, no worry how difficult the struggle may be. Hurdles are purely opportunities for you to excel. You see change as a natural part of life and hold it instead of resisting it.

The dragon is also a sign of good luck in various cultures. If you have this spirit animal, those good things come promptly to you. You may have a natural skill or a gift for making money. Whatever the case may be, you should feel thankful for your good fate and use it to help others.

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What Do Dragon Symbolizes?

Dragon Symbolize

Dragons represents several different things. 

Few of the most common Dragon meanings:

  • Power and Strength
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With its vicious abilities, the dragon is a sign of raw power. It’s often seen as a significance of strength and courage.

  • Wisdom and Protection

Dragons are also observed as wise and all-knowing animal. They are often related with protection, specially for those who cannot protect themselves.

  • Good Luck

In various cultures, the dragon symbol is observed as a sign of good luck. It’s considered that dragons have the power to impart fortune on those they deem worthy.

What Does the Dragon Symbolize?

dragon spirit animal

The dragon signifies power, change, and spirituality, and it also represents good luck, fortune, and prosperity. In several cultures, the dragon is a protector and is often related with royalty.

The dragon spirit animal can also represent self-love and empowerment. This spirit guide can help you hit into your power. The dragon is a strong animal who can teach you how to be confident and stand up for yourself. The dragon can also help you retrieve your hidden strength and courage.

Finally, the dragon signifies change. If the dragon is your totem, you may find yourself going through various changes in your life. These changes may be big or small, but they will all help you develop and change into your best self.

Dragon as Your Spirit Animal

As a spirit animal, the dragon represents the same things stated above.

It signifies power, strength, and courage. It symbolises your ability to overcome difficulties and achieve success.

The dragon also symbolises wisdom and intellect. It echoes you to use your power for good and not for damage.

When the dragon is your spirit animal, you are being called to step into your strength and become a mentor. You are being asked to be bold and to use your wisdom to direct you. You are also being encourage to use your power for good and not for destruction.

Dragon in dreams

Dreaming of dragons may signifies one’s struggle or obstacles. Dragons often signify something that you must overwhelm. Dreaming of a dragon may be nasty that you feel a new or renewed desire to conquer the challenges ahead and achieve your goals. 

Dragons also signify fantasy or evade. Dragon in dream may be that mean the dreamer wants adventure and freedom. If you have been dreaming of dragons then you may gain from adding some liberty into your daily routine Not following old routines can be a best way to give your life a new wisdom of venture and mystery.

A dragon in dream may also signify desire or hoarding. Dreaming of a dragon can be a useful reminder of the circumstances that life’s greatest resources cannot be stored or stockpiled. The finest way to reassure that your life feels rich is to seek out beautiful memories and good company. 

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The significance of your dream will depend on the schedules of the dragon.

  • Fire Dream

If the dragon was gasping fire, you feel desire for something in your life. This desire may work for you, a creative project, or a new relationship. What so ever it is, monitor your heart and let your desire guide you.

  • Flying Dream

If the dragon was flying, you were free to follow your dreams. Nothing is embracing you back.  what are you waiting for? Now is the stage to take action and make your dream come true.

  • Aggressive Dream

If the dragon appear aggressive, it involves there’s something in your life that’s making you feel endangered.

Dragon encounters and omens

Confronts with dragons are not likely to happens in one’s real life. Still, one might confront dragon image and wonder what such an confronts means. If pictures or stories of dragons have been happening in your life, this maybe nasty that you have a unique encounter to conquer. Dragons occasionally signifies incredible adversity. Dragon symbol to keep your bravery up and face the upcoming challenges with positivity and joy.

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Dragon encounters may also signify one’s childhood. several children dream of racing dragons or fighting them and saving princesses from their grasps. A dragon encounter can remind to get back in touch with your inner child and to regain a child’s sense of adventure. 

Dragon mythology and folklore

One of the most important dragon myths is that of Beowulf. Beowulf is a Germanic epic poem portraying the hero, Beowulf. Beowulf is a famous fighter who gains a status for assassinates monsters. First, Beowulf kills the monstrous Grendel who was assaulting the hall of a nearby lord.

After Grendel is kill, Beowulf kills Grendel’s equally brutal and scary mother. After massacre these monsters, Beowulf is made a famous king. Ultimately, his wealthy kingdom is attacked by a dragon. Beowulf, while is much older by this point, takes it upon himself to abolish the dragon in its den. What follows is a vicious struggle. Beowulf achieve to kill the dragon, but he is given a mortal gash in the process and he dies shortly afterward. 

According to Chinese tradition, a dragon called Zhu Long governs over Mount Zhong. Zhu Long is thought to have a body that is considerably long and bright red. He indicated to have a human face with two piercing eyes which support a remarkable power. When he closes eyes, it is stated that the sun sets and brings darkness to the earth. When he opens eyes, the sun immerses the world in light.  

What Is the Difference among a Dragon and a Phoenix Spirit Guide?

Dragons and phoenixes are both mythical creatures with similar traits. Both are extremely powerful and can control the components. However, there are some crucial differences between these two spirit animals.

Dragons are famous for their wisdom, while phoenixes are most famous for their skill to start again. Dragons are also much more violent than phoenixes and are not scared to use force if required. On the other hand, phoenixes are soft animals that signifies new beginnings.

If you have a dragon spirit animal, you are fearless and wise. You have the courage to overcome any struggle in your life and always stay true to your belief. You are also a faithful friend who is always there for those in required. If you have a phoenix spirit animal, you are though and always able to restart anew. You can rise from the residues of your past and build a optimistic future. No matter which spirit animal you have, remind that you are ever in control of your destiny.

Dragon spirit animal

If your spirit animal is the dragon then you are determined and powerful person with amazing spiritual strength. The dragon spirit animal is gratified, honourable, wise, and patient. People with the dragon as their spirit animal are certainly talented leaders. Regardless this, they often have problem getting close to people.

The dragon spirit animal is straight to the evils of pride and greed. These are confronting that trouble the dragon’s spirit. People with the dragon as their spirit animal may overwhelmed these challenges through their personal understanding, their sense of honour, and their associations with others. 

Dragon totem animal

The dragon totem animal is related with success and defeat. People with the dragon as their totem animal are bold of challenges and are assertive in their skill to conquer any situation that arises

The dragon totem animal is intensely powerful and allows its holder to emphasis in on their goals with fatal accuracy. No situation is too difficult for the dragon totem to face.

Dragon power animal

The power of the dragon is refinement and regeneration. People with the dragon as their power animal are expert therapist who are excellent at bringing purification and closure to others. The dragon power animal knows the importance of “bitter medicine.” People with the dragon as their power animal realizes that sometimes the only way to heal a coiled is to treat away the rot.

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The dragon power animal inspires you to be firm and violent in defensive your needs. The dragon power animal has no tolerance for those who would harm it or delay its healing. 

Dragon tattoo meaning

A dragon tattoo may symbolise fantasy, strength, power, captivity, respect, luck, or success.

For someone of Chinese ancestry, a dragon tattoo may be a sign of national or ethnic personality or pride. Likewise, a Welsh dragon tattoo may have special significances for an individual of Welsh descent. A antic dragon tattoo may signifies an individual’s love of fictional or their sense of childhood wonder.

Different Types of Dragon Guides

  • Earth Dragon

Do you feel a deep association to the natural world? If so, you could have an earth dragon as your leader. Earth dragons have connection with wealth, power, and aptitude. If you are sentiment lost or insecure of your path in life, an earth dragon can support you to find your way and hit into your hidden talents.

  • Fire Dragon

Do you incline to be passionate and more impulsive? Then it’s probable that a fire dragon is your spirit animal. Fire dragons are all about passion, courage, and vivacity. If you are working on beating some obstacle in your life, a fire dragon will give you the strength and will-power you need to succeed.

  • Air Dragon

If you are always pursuing knowledge and thoughtful an air dragon might be by your side. Air dragons have an avid oddity about the world around them. They find it difficult to stay in one place for a long time, and their wish to learn more is always dragging them to discover new places. Air dragons also bring simplicity and understanding. If you have an air dragon as your leader, they can help you to view things in a new light and solve problems more efficiently.

  • Water Dragon

Are you avid and emotional? A water dragon can be your power animal. Water dragons relate to your emotions and feelings. If you are stressed with past pain or trauma, a water dragon can help you challenge those issues and start healing.

What does a dragon icon mean?

The dragon is a emblem of evil, in both the chivalric and Christian traditions. In the Opinion, it represents supernatural power, wisdom, power, and hidden knowledge. In most myths, it is the example of chaos and wild nature.

Is dragon symbol is protection?

The dragon is a powerful and adaptable sign that can be understood in many various ways. It is a sign of power, strength, good luck, protection, knowledge, and discrimination. Dragons are often seen as protectors of the virtuous, and they are often used as sign of hope and rebirth.

Does dragon represent good luck?

In the Chinese culture, the dragon indicates good luck, strength, health and also the male factor Yang. The dragon is rare because it is the only traditional creature of all the animals in the Chinese zodiac.

Is a dragon a lucky symbol?

In the Chinese traditions, the dragon signifies  good luck, strength, health and also the male factor Yang.


Dragons are amid the most legendary mythological creatures in all of human storytelling. From The Lord of the Rings to Harry Potter, some of the most adored fantasy stories in literary history story these creatures. Dragons are present in folklores from across the world and the fact that they have withstood so stubbornly into modern tradition is a demonstration to their skill to inspire astonishment and wonder in the human heart.