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3.1 Sometimes when I come across someone for the first time I don't know what to do with my first impression.

3.2 I am not happy with all that is going on in and around my religion; how to deal with this?

3.3 Are all religions the same?

3.4 Do all religions lead to the same?

3.5 Is interfaith a new religion?

3.6 Is interfaith dangerous?

3.7 How do you see the future of interfaith?

3.8 Where can I find the truth; what is good?

3.9 Sometimes I hear sayings that we are all connected and responsible for everything: the 'holistic view'. What do people mean by this?

3.10 I want to be spiritual but have to live in the world. How can I do both well?

3.11 I have had a religious experience. What does it mean?