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1.1 How to ask the right question and to prepare on the answer?


1.2 Where are the answers coming from?


1.3 How to deal with criticism?


1.4 How to make decisions in a confused situation?


1.5 I thought I had friends, but when I needed them, when it came to the point, they did not help me?


1.6 Someone asked me for help, how could I do this best?


1.7 How to change a person?


1.8 How to conquer your enemy?


1.9 How to conquer my desires and attachments?


1.10 I feel sick to death if someone has a terminal desease; how do I deal with death?


1.11. How to deal with destructive forces?


1.12. How to deal with pressure?


1.13. How to deal with pain (face pain as an example)