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Advice: opinions and information you receive (asked for or not) from others, which you could use (an advice is not an order!).

Ashram: community devoted to developing one’s spiritual life

Bharat: the official Hindi name of India; the Asian subcontinent where you will find all possible ways of life, culture, religion and spirituality

Belief: in this word we find the origins of the word –love-: individually love the idea or philosophy.

Celibacy: intention/vow to devote one’s life primarily to the Ultimate Truth

Cosmos: the totality of all

Creation: seeming reality, maya, what we with God have made from cosmic energy

Development: taking of layers of ignorance; the opposite of envelopment

Duality: the idea that opposites really are existing

Enlightenment: when we discover something significant, related to the spiritual world, affecting the rest of our life.

Entity: a more or less individualised spirit or soul.

God: the totality of the spirit in the cosmos

God the Creator: all spirit directly involved in creation; incarnated or not

Great God Beyond / the Source / God as Itself / Noumenal Reality: the totality of spirit in the cosmos beyond creation

Happiness/joy: in this life, moments of good feelings; in the Real life, depending on our development, a more and more constant state of being

Hindu / Hinduism: The name colonisers gave to the religion and people of India

Imam Mahdi: see Messiah

Incarnation: our individual soul connecting itself temporarily to a created body

Kali-Yuga: in Hinduism, the last of the four yugas (ages) that make up one cycle of creation. The Kali-Yuga, in which some Hindus believe we are now living, is characterised by wickedness and disaster, and leads up to the destruction of this world in preparation for a new creation and a new cycle of yugas.

Knowledge: something you have experienced and proved as being true

Life: a. being part of the Ultimate Truth or Great Cosmic Soul; the 'Real life’ b. incarnation on this planet, named ‘this life here’

Maitreya: see Messiah

Materialism: focus on and preference for the physical aspects of life

Maya / illusion: Having expectations, perceptions and / or perspectives of the world which are most probably wrong

Meditation: try to concentrate on one item only, to expand consciousness

Messiah: this individual has been expected for generations by all of the major religions. Christians know him as the Christ, and expect his imminent return. Some Jews await him as the Messiah; Hindus look for the coming of the Kalki Avatar; some Buddhists expect him as Maitreya Buddha; and some Muslims anticipate the Imam Mahdi. It is really your Self.

Old/young: part of duality /maya/mistake that there is an existing past and future

Peace: contentment and patience through understanding why everything came to be as it is at the moment, combined with the acceptance that it will and has to change.

Proof: what people are asking for when too lazy to try to find out themselves.

Rebirth: could be used instead of reincarnation, but we use it to indicate a significant change (progress) in an individual’s spiritual life (close relation to enlightenment)

Reincarnation: an important part of our being connecting itself temporararily but more than once to a created body

Religion: sect, organised belief; a group of people which claim or strive to have a uniform belief

Self-Realization: knowing who we really are, our true Self, undivided and unbroken, one with Brahman or God / Ultimate Reality

Soul/ / spirit / entity: our real self or being/ the energy of love

Spirituality: all which relates to feelings and dreams, the longing for / realization of Self and Truth

Swami: one who has renounced self / ego, usually a Hindu monastic / sannyasi

Vedanta: a Hindu system of belief / philosophy

Universe: cosmos; all, everything and no-thing: what is and is not, noticeable and unnoticeable

War: the ongoing struggle / choice between materialism and spirituality

World: the space around us as far we know and not know it / see cosmos