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About Us: Sandy and Jael Bharat


We met in 1996 in S Korea at a congress of the International Association for Religious Freedom where Sandy, an English lady, was a staff member while Jael, a farmer from the Netherlands, attended as a member. There we recognized our union and worked together till April 2004 for the International Interfaith Centre.

From then we enjoyed a 12 months ‘'sabbatical’, or in Hindu terms, looked out from the ‘'Forest’.

After this we started working on some books - see our Publications pages

And here we are now. After you have studied this site, you may know more about us.


* Since Jael's passing in November 2006, Sandy has become a trustee of the International Interfaith Centre and, with the help of Margaret Paton and a network of interfaith colleagues and friends, has begun to work on Jael's last interfaith idea: see www.interfaithinfo.net